Photo Requirements

Unfortunately, the photo has to meet some requirements for the measurements to be correct:

·File format: Jpg, Bmp   
·The photo must not be blurred. The facial features must be clearly visible and large enough.  
·The photo must be frontal, full-face and without the head being turned.    
·There must not be any distortions related to the person's facial expressions. Unfortunately, the facial expression must be neutral.  
·There must not be any clothes (a high collar) and accessories: glasses, a hat, etc. that would interfere with measurements.  
·Lips must be pressed together, eyes must be open.  

The head may be slightly turned and there may be some minor obstacles for the measurement in the photo.

Please do not forget that the measurements can be taken in any case: the result will probably have only a small error in it. And it means that the "bad" peculiarities of the photo do not affect the measurement.

Please follow the hints of the Photo Import Wizard
. The wizard will help you decide if a particular photo meets the measurement requirements.