Golden section and ideal beauty
The golden section (also known as golden ratio, divine proportion) is a constant equal to 1.61803398875.

This number was derived by means of division and has a long history. The proportions of the Great Pyramid, temples, domestic articles and adornments from Tutankhamun's tomb prove that Egyptian craftsmen used the golden section in their work.

Leonardo da Vinci used the parameters of a human body corresponding to the golden section before he created his masterpieces.

In biological research carried out in the 70s-90s it was shown that the golden section typical of structural proportions and harmony is found everywhere starting from viruses and flora to a human body.

The golden section is recognized as the universal law of living systems.

A human face also contains a lot of examples that are close to the golden section. That is why, according to scientists and people of art, painters and sculptors, only people with ideal beauty have exact matches to the golden section.