Geometric aspects of facial beauty
We can single out the following geometric facial characteristics: deviation from the average, deviation from symmetry and deviation from the golden section.

Currently, the average height of a man on the planet is 1.65 meters and the average height of a woman on the planet is 1.54 meters. We can accept that the height of 1.54 meters is the absolutely ideal height for a woman. Then we can say how beautiful someone's figure is judging by the deviation from the average. But it is also known that the average height of people has been changing with time. Thus, people were shorter in the Middle Ages, which can be seen from the size of knights' armor. Moreover, these characteristics may vary depending on the nationality and some social and cultural preferences. Thus, beauty assessment based on average values cannot be objective enough.

It is common knowledge that people with symmetrical faces are more attractive. The smaller deviation from symmetry is, the more attractive a person is. Facial symmetry can be objectively and stably assessed and can be taken as part of a Beauty Rank.

There is one more geometric aspect in beauty:deviation from the golden section.