What is Face Beauty Rank based on?
Face Beauty Rank uses algorithms based on the golden section. Objects that have the golden section in them are often considered to be of the perfect shape and ideally beautiful.

I do not understand at all how one can assess beauty? Tastes differ, you know…
That's right, nobody can assess beauty "absolutely". It is not our aim as well. Moreover, there are no techniques for evaluating "beauty as a whole" due to its subjectivity, collectivity and changes in criteria with time. We only evaluate "a certain part of beauty" that comes down to the golden section. You can often find this kind of divine beauty in faces created by great painters and sculptors.

What is "geometric beauty assessment"?
Geometric beauty assessment is the assessment of deviation from symmetry, from the average and from the golden section. It comes down to the geometric sizes of a face. For example, face height, distance between eyes… The geometric aspects of beauty are objective and stable.

What is the objectivity and stability of beauty aspects?
To be able to assess beauty, you have to choose some aspects for assessment. You need some objective and stable criteria for high-quality assessment. Objectivity means that the assessment will be the same even if completely different people with different mentality and culture assess the object. Stability means that this assessment will not change with time.

What is Deviation from Ideal Beauty?
Deviation from Ideal Beauty is the difference between some geometric facial proportions and the golden section.

Ideal Beauty - how's that?
An ideally beautiful face is a face whose geometric facial proportions are equal to the golden section. A face like this is thought to be absolutely perfect.

Golden ratio, golden section, divine proportion - do they mean the same?
Those are the names of the same value that can be found in all kinds of objects in our world.

What is a beauty distribution curve and what is it for?
If we take a lot of people and measure Deviation from Ideal Beauty for their faces, we will be able to build their beauty distribution curve. And then you can use this distribution curve to find out precisely how many people are more and less beautiful than a certain person's face depending on its Deviation from Ideal Beauty.

What is "Beauty"?
"Beauty" is the value of Deviation from Ideal Beauty. The values of this "deviation" may vary from 0 to 500. Beauty that equals to zero is Ideal Beauty. The closer the Beauty value to zero is, the more beautiful the face is. This face has small deviation from perfection.

What is "Beauty Rank"?
A Beauty Rank is the ratio of the Beauty to the maximum value of deviation from Ideal Beauty (it is equal to the Beauty of the ugliest face) that is multiplied by 100%. It is the representation of Beauty in percent.
The maximum value of deviation is calculated mathematically according to the distribution curve for people whose deviation from ideal beauty varies within a wide range.
The Beauty Rank equal to 100% means ideal beauty. Otherwise the value of 0% means being ideally unbeautiful.

I loaded a photo of a donkey. And the program says that the donkey is a true beauty!
It is actually a beautiful donkey if you have taken the measurements correctly. Not only human faces can have the golden section in them so you can try measuring a photo of your favorite cat...