350 Bloody Base
Bloody Base Download Free!

Bloody Base

The military base was terrifying. Crowds of hungry monsters ran in search of food. But the task must be completed at any cost. And preferably at the cost of the monsters' lives. Now if only to survive.
351 Deadly Hall
Deadly Hall Download Free!

Deadly Hall

Deadly Hall is a game where you have to shoot off monsters. The goal of the game is to score as many points as possible.
352 Ominous Day
Ominous Day Download Free!

Ominous Day

The old military base seemed empty. Feeling a good gain from what I found, I carelessly went in and started looking for what was bad. Suddenly, the gnashing of teeth very close by made me turn around. The monster hiding behind a rusty car quickly rushed towards me. Dodging the monster, I quickly picked up the gun lying nearby. Now if only to survive.
353 Far Lands
Far Lands Download Free!

Far Lands

My friends and I were returning from fishing, when suddenly we got into a heavy fog. In this fog, radars and our telephones stopped working. Suddenly the ship crashed into something and then I passed out. When I woke up, I realized that my friends and the captain of the ship were missing. Having got out from under the wreckage of the ship, it became clear that the ship crashed into the village of fishermen. But something here is clearly not clean. You have to try to hold out here and hope for the best ...
354 Zombie Dungeon
Zombie Dungeon Download Free!

Zombie Dungeon

You woke up in a prison deep in the dungeon. Having broken the lattice, you got out of captivity. But it turned out that there is someone else in this dungeon. It is crawling with hordes of zombies. Having found a weapon nearby, you decide to get out of here and find out how you got here. You have to fight hordes of zombies and get out of this dungeon.
355 Gothic Castle
Gothic Castle Download Free!

Gothic Castle

You woke up in a castle. How you got here, you do not remember. But your problems did not end there, the castle is inhabited by monsters. It's good that you had a weapon with you. If you do not let the monsters close, then it is easy to deal with them. But every minute there are more and more of them. You need to hold out until the morning and survive in this Gothic castle.
356 Dartoster
Dartoster Download Free!


In the midst of the war, you stumble upon the headquarters of opponents who have become zombies. Armed to the teeth, zombie soldiers want to kill you. There are many of them and they are very angry. Use your weapons to defeat enemies and change the course of the war. Good luck!
357 Zombie In Darkness
Zombie In Darkness Download Free!

Zombie In Darkness

The fall of the comet brought great destruction and a virus called Zombie. People got sick and became zombies. Only a few had immunity. You're lucky. Horrible zombies are now on the prowl for food. And this food is you. Look for weapons and kill zombies.
358 Terrible Day
Terrible Day Download Free!

Terrible Day

By guarding the old dump, you have relaxed. The day was sunny and hot. Suddenly, terrible sounds were heard and brought you out of your slumber. Grabbing weapons, they ran to look. The junkyard was full of scary zombies. It looks like this terrible day will be remembered for a long time.
359 Dinosaur Island
Dinosaur Island Download Free!

Dinosaur Island

Scientists have discovered an island that has been hidden from humanity for centuries. A group of scientists was sent to explore this island to camp and begin researching native animal species. But for almost a month no one got in touch. You, along with a group of military men, were sent to the island to reconnoiter the situation. It turned out that the island harbors many secrets and unique creatures, among which were ancient dinosaurs. The camp is completely destroyed by these giant dinosaurs. You also need to escape from this island.
360 Castle Ruins
Castle Ruins Download Free!

Castle Ruins

The ruins of an old castle are rumored to be located nearby. There may be treasures left there. You and your squad decide to go there in the hope of finding hidden treasures. But as soon as you stepped onto this cursed land, portals appeared from nowhere from which terrible monsters climbed. You have to clear the way with your weapons to get to the treasures.
361 Alpha Rising
Alpha Rising Download Free!

Alpha Rising

An apocalypse happened on earth, almost all of humanity was destroyed or turned into monsters. People have turned into monsters that eat other people. Remaining the only survivor, you have to defend against the attacks of mutants. Keep alive for as long as possible!
362 Blood And Rust
Blood And Rust Download Free!

Blood And Rust

You were sent to find out what happened at a remote oil refinery. For several days, no one got in touch. Oil production takes place in a very remote location. It took time to equip the expedition there. Upon arrival, you see that the entrance is decorated with skulls of workers. Drilling the ground awakened the ancient creatures, who didn't like being disturbed.
363 Walking Zeds
Walking Zeds Download Free!

Walking Zeds

Walking Zeds is a fun and dynamic survival shooter! Destroy enemies, use the entire arsenal of various weapons available to you and do not let the fiends of hell destroy you!
364 Night Rippers 2
Night Rippers 2 Download Free!

Night Rippers 2

The night is over. Begins to brighten. The Rippers grew even angrier. Now they gather in crowds and surround from all sides. You need to move faster and use all your fighting skills. Victory should be yours.
365 Dread Port
Dread Port Download Free!

Dread Port

A mysterious unmarked ship has moored at the port. After that, the port workers decided to board the ship and find out what had happened. It turned out that the ship is full of incomprehensible monsters, and the entire crew is dead. Crowds of monsters poured out of the hold and took over the port, killing all the workers. You need to go to this place and destroy all monsters and prevent their further advance.
366 Dead Creatures
Dead Creatures Download Free!

Dead Creatures

You need to get out of the factory with an infected virus that turns people into monsters. To prevent the spread of the virus from spreading further, it is necessary to clear the territory of the plant and destroy all the monsters. Kill as many enemies as possible and save the world from a dangerous virus.
367 Night Rippers
Night Rippers Download Free!

Night Rippers

The night was dark. Noise not far alarmed you and quickly took the gun decided to check. The first Ripper jumped out from around the corner and rushed at you. Having fired a couple of times, it became clear that a stronger weapon was needed. You need to search the base in search of better weapons.
368 Death Castle
Death Castle Download Free!

Death Castle

Death Castle is a game where you have to shoot off zombies. The goal of the game is to score as many points as possible.
369 Ripper
Ripper Download Free!


Our base was well hidden among the abandoned scrap metal. How the rippers discovered us is unknown. But it happened. People quickly hid. Now only hope is in you. Kill the rippers, protect the human base.
370 Ghost Village
Ghost Village Download Free!

Ghost Village

You find yourself in an abandoned village whose inhabitants have mysteriously disappeared. The village is full of monsters. Now it became clear to you where all the villagers have gone. Now it remains to find out how the villagers turned into monsters. Try to live until dawn, monsters are afraid of sunlight. During the day, you can calmly explore the village and find out the cause of death of the inhabitants.
371 Abandoned Factory 2
Abandoned Factory 2 Download Free!

Abandoned Factory 2

Factory workers, ignoring warnings, opened a mysterious container. There was a virus in the container and people began to turn into monsters. Your squad has been called in to clear the area. Now you have to destroy all the monsters and destroy the virus.
372 Desert Survival
Desert Survival Download Free!

Desert Survival

Desert Survival is a game where you have to shoot off zombies. The goal of the game is to score as many points as possible.
373 Monsters Attack 2
Monsters Attack 2 Download Free!

Monsters Attack 2

The apocalypse has arrived. The time of complete destruction of mankind is approaching. There are huge crowds of ugly mutants around. Only one soldier remained alive, whose task is to save the planet from the threat. Destroy all monsters and save the planet. Good luck.
374 Space Colony
Space Colony Download Free!

Space Colony

I didn't like this task from the very beginning. I didn't really want to fly to a distant colony, with which communication was lost several months ago. Flying up to the colony, the feeling of anxiety and fear only intensified. Downstairs the lanterns burned faintly and no movement was visible. The colony was dead. Only scary sounds indicated that you were not alone. Kill zombies and crazy robots.
375 Dread Town
Dread Town Download Free!

Dread Town

Your car broke down on an abandoned road in the desert. In the distance, you noticed a small town and went there in search of help. There were no residents in the city and it looked abandoned. After dark, strange sounds began to come from the buildings and at midnight various creatures crawled out of there. Now you need to escape from this old town and get to the car.
376 Eternal Dungeons
Eternal Dungeons Download Free!

Eternal Dungeons

Dungeons have always attracted all kinds of adventurers. You and a company of faithful companions-in-arms set off in search of the treasure. Having found the entrance to the dungeon, you could not even imagine how this adventure would turn out. Wandering through the dark passages, you are lost. And from the darkness you were attacked by strange creatures. Now you have to fight these creatures of darkness and protect your camp from destruction.
377 Hell Cemetery
Hell Cemetery Download Free!

Hell Cemetery

People began to disappear in the old cemetery. As an experienced hunter, you are hired by the village headman. As soon as the sun went down you go to the cemetery to find out what happened there. It turns out that this place was noticed by corpse eaters and established their colony. You need to kill all the monsters and complete the order.
378 Zombie Stronghold
Zombie Stronghold Download Free!

Zombie Stronghold

The military discovered an underground secret laboratory where they conducted an experiment to bring people back to life. But the experiment failed. people who were brought back to life became tenacious zombies. Your task is to hold out in this laboratory as long as possible. Collect first aid kits and ammo. Good luck.
379 Cursed Dungeon 3
Cursed Dungeon 3 Download Free!

Cursed Dungeon 3

You keep looking for scientists. With each passing minute you descend lower and lower into the dungeon. The monsters are getting stronger and stronger. Despite the combat skills, it becomes more and more difficult to advance further. At one point, you were trapped in a large room that hid the nests of monsters. Many monsters woke up from their sleep and attacked your group. Now you have to fight off the crowd of monsters and continue your search.
380 Aliens Invasion 2
Aliens Invasion 2 Download Free!

Aliens Invasion 2

A distress signal came from one of the human colonies. The colony was attacked by an unknown race of aliens. The military sent a detachment to protect the colony. Upon arrival, you find that part of the colony has been destroyed, and the main governing bodies have been captured. You have to fight alien invaders and liberate the colony.
381 Dangerous Killers 2
Dangerous Killers 2 Download Free!

Dangerous Killers 2

Intelligent robots, designed to fight mercenaries, quickly coped with their task. The enemy was quickly destroyed. But it turned out robots, not finding an enemy, decided to destroy all people. Now it was even more difficult to fly off the dying planet. Kill the robots and give humanity a chance to survive.
382 Aliens Invasion
Aliens Invasion Download Free!

Aliens Invasion

The invasion of alien monsters began on the earth. Humanity has suffered huge losses in this war. The war was won and some of the alien invaders retreated. But on Earth there are still alien combat units that from time to time attack human settlements and bases. You need to repel one of these attacks and protect the civilian population.
383 Creatures City
Creatures City Download Free!

Creatures City

The city was attacked by monsters and all residents were evacuated. monsters have taken over the city and now feel like masters in it. Your squad, together with a small army, is sent to liberate the city. As it turned out, there are a lot of monsters in the city and it will take a lot of time and fighters to free it. You need to liberate the city and destroy all the monsters so that the inhabitants can return home.
384 Castle
Castle Download Free!


As an archaeologist, you fell asleep after a hard day at work. In your dream, you began to see hordes of zombies hungry for your brains. The dream is so realistic that you can no longer distinguish reality from your imagination. Take up arms and stay alive!
385 Cursed Dungeon 2
Cursed Dungeon 2 Download Free!

Cursed Dungeon 2

You went down into the dungeon in search of the missing scientists. Scientists explored the dungeon and mysteriously disappeared. It is teeming with hordes of different monsters. Having found their things, you decide to track them down to find out what happened. You will have to fight hordes of monsters to solve the mystery of the disappearance of a group of scientists.
386 The Defense Of Airport 2
The Defense Of Airport 2 Download Free!

The Defense Of Airport 2

You were sent to protect the military airport from enemies. Crowds of monsters rushed to attack the airport. You need to keep the defense and destroy as many monsters as possible. Use your arsenal of weapons to defend the airport. Send the monsters back to hell.
387 Surviving Shelter
Surviving Shelter Download Free!

Surviving Shelter

Surviving Shelter is a game where you have to shoot off zombies. The goal of the game is to score as many points as possible.
388 Nightmares In The Mountains 2
Nightmares In The Mountains 2 Download Free!

Nightmares In The Mountains 2

The outpost of the military guard in the mountains received a warning that monsters had got out even after an unsuccessful experiment. We decided to break up to go and comb the mountainous area. I went down the mountain and came face to face with no friend! To battle!
389 Dangerous Killers
Dangerous Killers Download Free!

Dangerous Killers

The future came unexpectedly. After the fall of the meteorite on Earth, most people died. The animals have mutated. The planet was thrown out of its orbit. The surviving humans found a habitable planet, but the mercenaries took over the spaceships. You need to kill the mercenaries and let the survivors fly away from the planet.
390 Bunker 121
Bunker 121 Download Free!

Bunker 121

Bunker 121 is a place where experiments on monsters are carried out. And in the course of such an experiment, something went wrong and a new kind of monsters got out of control. After destroying the cage and getting out, the modified monsters began to kill everyone in their path. You and a squad of fighters are sent to destroy these monsters. Defeat all monsters and destroy Bunker 121 once and for all.
391 Terrible Infinity
Terrible Infinity Download Free!

Terrible Infinity

The train stop, in the old town, dragged on. It was the first time working as a security guard on a train. We need to go and see where the driver was late. Taking a weapon, just in case, and only going out to the road immediately saw the zombies. Now you need to destroy all the zombies in this part of the city, otherwise you will not get out.
392 Horrid Spiders 4
Horrid Spiders 4 Download Free!

Horrid Spiders 4

In the hope of finding treasures in an old tomb, you and a team of scientists go downstairs. Looking around you realized that you are in a huge underground city. Over time, you find a tomb and many treasures. But it turns out that this place is guarded by huge mutant spiders. To get to the treasure, you need to destroy all the monsters.
393 Sinister Fear
Sinister Fear Download Free!

Sinister Fear

After a big earthquake, the entrance to the sanatorium was blocked by large stones and monsters appeared. Monsters from the gap in the ground. All the holidaymakers had already been eaten when a team of soldiers arrived. Now hungry monsters are hunting you. Kill as many monsters as possible.
394 Dark Ruines
Dark Ruines Download Free!

Dark Ruines

This city has long been destroyed and lost in the forest. Mercenaries set up a base here. Now the base has been discovered by you, but you have also been noticed. The exit from this trap in the ruins of the city is blocked. We need to fight. Kill mercenaries, use their weapons or look for abandoned ammunition. The enemies must be destroyed.
395 Mutant Virus
Mutant Virus Download Free!

Mutant Virus

Humanity has begun the development of interplanetary travel. Many new plants and animals have been found on these planets. Many new things were brought to the Earth. Also, through negligence, a virus was introduced, which turned animals into mutants. Many animals have turned into bloodthirsty mutants. To control their numbers, a special squad was created that specializes in the destruction of mutants. You are a member of such a detachment and you were sent to a military warehouse to cleanse it of intruders.
396 Mutant Insects
Mutant Insects Download Free!

Mutant Insects

While conducting exploration for oil production, scientists have drilled a mysterious cave. But it turned out that this cave is inhabited by creatures that humanity has not yet seen. From the cave, various creatures climbed out, including huge poisonous insects. You, along with a security team, are sent to protect the field. Destroy all mutant insects.
397 Surviving Asylum
Surviving Asylum Download Free!

Surviving Asylum

Surviving Asylum is a game where you have to shoot off zombies. The goal of the game is to score as many points as possible.
398 Old Town Zombies 2
Old Town Zombies 2 Download Free!

Old Town Zombies 2

People began to disappear in the old town again. You need to take a weapon and go check what happened. Only after breaking through the obstacle did you see the zombies running. From the first shots, the zombies grow even larger. Retreat closed. Now all hope is for weapons.
399 Signal
Signal Download Free!


Having caught a mysterious signal in your radio, you go in search. Upon arrival, you see a secret abandoned base. The signal comes from its territory. But as soon as you stepped into the territory of the base, you were attacked by unknown creatures. The entire base is teeming with these monsters and it became clear that this is a signal trap that lures travelers here.
400 Town Of Monsters 2
Town Of Monsters 2 Download Free!

Town Of Monsters 2

As an experienced fighter, you are sent to protect the nearest city from alien invasion. You just need to hold out a little until the army comes to the city. Use your weapon to the fullest and try to survive. The fate of the entire city depends on you. A full-scale invasion is expected this time. you must be ready for a serious fight.

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