500 Bloody Apocalypse 2
Bloody Apocalypse 2 Download Free!

Bloody Apocalypse 2

The fight with the monsters went on all day. Night fell and in the darkness the monsters attacked again. The horns of new monsters appeared in the darkness. These enemies are big and powerful. It will take more skills to kill them. Collect first aid kits and ammunition. Now your life is only in your hands.
501 Bloody Apocalypse
Bloody Apocalypse Download Free!

Bloody Apocalypse

On this base, after the attack of the monsters, only you survived. Now the monsters are on the attack again. The monster barriers are broken and it takes a lot of effort to survive. Collect first aid kits and ammunition. Now your life is only in your hands.
502 After The Apocalypse 2
After The Apocalypse 2 Download Free!

After The Apocalypse 2

The world after the virus pandemic plunged into darkness. Over time, the cities began to collapse and turn into ruins. Humanity is on the brink of extinction. The world became hostile to people, mutants began to appear, the climate changed and more and more natural disasters happened. This is a new part of the series, where you again have to protect your people from monsters. Monsters attacked your camp in the desert and you need to fight them off. Protect civilians and destroy all mutants.
503 City Of Monsters
City Of Monsters Download Free!

City Of Monsters

All the inhabitants of the city disappeared and you were left alone. You don't know what happened, but it looks like the city has moved to a parallel dimension. After sunset, otherworldly demons began to appear on the street. Collect weapons on the level and fight off the crowd of demons. You need to find a way to return to your world.
504 Death Valley
Death Valley Download Free!

Death Valley

The Dead Valley met you with a small abandoned town. All residents disappeared somewhere. After searching the city, you found the bodies of residents. You need to spend the night in this eerie town in order to go for help at night. But at night, the bodies of the inhabitants disappeared and zombies began to climb to the surface. You have no choice but to fight off them and wait for dawn
505 Gun Strike
Gun Strike Download Free!

Gun Strike

The city was attacked by bandits. You, along with your squad, were sent to eliminate this gang. But upon arriving in the city, you realized that you were trapped. There are many more bandits than you expected. You have a difficult battle ahead and you need to make a lot of efforts to defeat the enemy and survive. Use your entire arsenal of weapons wisely. Destroy all bandits and free the inhabitants
506 Zombie Office 2
Zombie Office 2 Download Free!

Zombie Office 2

Once again, you need to defend your office from waves of evil zombies, which you must not let over the red line. This time, the zombies pushed you to the first floor and you need to protect it, since there is nowhere to retreat. Use all the power of the machine gun and stop this crowd of zombies. With each new round, there are more and more enemies. Watch them closely and don't let them get any closer.
507 Old Railway 2
Old Railway 2 Download Free!

Old Railway 2

Something happened in the tunnel. The train shone dimly with its headlights. Suddenly, a dark shadow jumped out from behind the tank. The mutant, that's what happened to the rescue team, rushed at you. Having quickly fired and jumped to the side, we saw several more mutants. You need to kill as many mutants as possible and leave the infected area. I didn't want to become a mutant.
508 Dead Rocks
Dead Rocks Download Free!

Dead Rocks

High cliffs frightened with their antiquity. The table of giants, from ancient legends has been found. Just before they could approach him, they heard a strong howl. Ancient warriors and monsters rushed to defend their artifact. Take your weapon and defend yourself.
509 Mini Vikings Attack Town
Mini Vikings Attack Town Download Free!

Mini Vikings Attack Town

A village in the forest was attacked by evil little vikings. There are a lot of them and they are dangerous. They kill everyone indiscriminately and you are the only obstacle in their way. Look for weapons and fight. Save the village. Good luck!
510 Mutants Attack Low Town
Mutants Attack Low Town Download Free!

Mutants Attack Low Town

Horrible mutants attacked the city. Monsters roam everywhere and kill everyone in their path. You are the city's only hope for salvation. Look for weapons and survive. Defeat enemies. Good luck!
511 Zomb In Dark Island
Zomb In Dark Island Download Free!

Zomb In Dark Island

A zombie attacked an island not far from a big city. People had to evacuate, but not all were saved. Using weapons, you must defeat the monsters. Defend the city by clearing the island from zombies. Good luck!
512 Old Railway
Old Railway Download Free!

Old Railway

People began to disappear near the old and abandoned railway. The boss sent you to check what was going on. It turned out that the old tunnel collapsed and damaged the tanks with poison. Lost and mutated beyond recognition people now hunt on the tracks. Kill the monsters and return with the report.
513 Secret Space Science Codex
Secret Space Science Codex Download Free!

Secret Space Science Codex

The space base was attacked by monsters. You are the only survivor. Defend the base and kill all the monsters. Be careful, the monsters are very strong. Good luck!
514 Zombie Attack Arabic Village
Zombie Attack Arabic Village Download Free!

Zombie Attack Arabic Village

Zombies attacked a village in the desert. They captured her and turned the inhabitants into zombies. Crowds of monsters roam around. Armed to the teeth, you must defeat them. Good luck!
515 Abandoned Train
Abandoned Train Download Free!

Abandoned Train

A train with a very dangerous virus was hijacked and hidden in the mountains. This train has been searched for for many decades, and you have found it. It turned out that there was a landslide and it was filled up. One of the tanks was destroyed and the kidnappers became infected. Now they are monsters. Destroy the monsters or you won't get away.
516 Annihilation
Annihilation Download Free!


While flying to your base, you hear a signal for help. Having found the point from where the signal originated, you found an old spacecraft, which had been reported missing for almost 20 years. This ship has already been called a ghost ship. You decide to find out what happened to the ship. Once inside, you find that unknown xenomorphs are roaming its compartments. Now you have to break through to the exit and leave this damned ship.
517 Egypt Monsters Attack Village
Egypt Monsters Attack Village Download Free!

Egypt Monsters Attack Village

The village in the desert was attacked by evil Egyptian monsters. There are a lot of them and they are dangerous. They kill everyone indiscriminately and you are their main target. Look for weapons and fight. Save the village. Good luck!
518 Future Space Lab Codex
Future Space Lab Codex Download Free!

Future Space Lab Codex

The space research station "Panteon" was attacked by unknown creatures. Most of the crew died, and monsters took over the ship's compartments. Combat drones, having fallen under the control of monsters, are out of order. You are the only hope for the survival of the survivors. Good luck!
519 Happy Bad Rabbit World
Happy Bad Rabbit World Download Free!

Happy Bad Rabbit World

You are in a fairy-tale world attacked by evil hares. Forest dwellers hide in their homes while hares roam the forest. Use powerful weapons to defeat them. Remember that they are very strong and funny. Good luck!
520 Death Tunnels
Death Tunnels Download Free!

Death Tunnels

After the earthquake, the subway exits were blocked. After spending several days underground, you realized that there is nowhere to wait for help. Taking weapons and starting to explore the tunnels saw monsters. Where they came from is unknown. But they are mortal danger to you. Kill monsters and stay alive as long as possible.
521 Big Darkness Monster Town
Big Darkness Monster Town Download Free!

Big Darkness Monster Town

You are in a city attacked by terrible monsters. People hide in their homes while monsters roam the streets. Use your weapons to defeat them. Remember that they are very strong. Good luck!
522 Bunker Of Mutants
Bunker Of Mutants Download Free!

Bunker Of Mutants

After the atomic explosion, the cities were empty. Many died. The survivors either went underground or became mutants. You're lucky. You have a bunker. Now just do not let the mutants here.
523 Vikings Attack Village
Vikings Attack Village Download Free!

Vikings Attack Village

Evil Vikings attacked your village in the forest. They came to kill you and the villagers. There are crowds of vikings roaming around, so be careful. Look for weapons to defeat enemies. Good luck!
524 Rake Monsters Desert Attacks
Rake Monsters Desert Attacks Download Free!

Rake Monsters Desert Attacks

You are in the desert, far from cities and people. Something terrible is happening here. Horrible monsters live in this desert and kill travelers. Your task is to defeat monsters. Use weapons and wits for this. Good luck!
525 Cyclope Forest Attack
Cyclope Forest Attack Download Free!

Cyclope Forest Attack

Evil Cyclops attacked your house in the forest. They came to kill you and your friends. Crowds of monsters roam around, so be careful. Look for weapons to defeat your enemies. Good luck
526 Zombie Office
Zombie Office Download Free!

Zombie Office

You need to defend your office from waves of evil zombies, which you must not let through the red line. Use all the power of the machine gun and stop this crowd of zombies. With each new round, the enemies become more and more. Watch them carefully and don't let them get closer.
527 Zombies Vs Warrior 2
Zombies Vs Warrior 2 Download Free!

Zombies Vs Warrior 2

You were again called to the squad, which goes into the dungeon in search of treasures. Going down into the dungeon, you find that you are not alone in it. Crowds of the walking dead have occupied the dungeon. But this did not frighten you and you decided to get the treasure at any cost. For killing you get points that you can spend on new weapons and healing potions.
528 Witches
Witches Download Free!


The forest looked at you ominously. The fog grew even stronger. A female howl was heard from the fog again. The frost passed through the skin. Only you from the witch team survived. Squeezing their weapons tighter, they went to look for a way out of this horror.
529 Monsters In District 2
Monsters In District 2 Download Free!

Monsters In District 2

This quarter has been abandoned for a long time. Ancient monsters settled here, and no one wanted to live next to them. But now the monsters began to go outside the quarter and attack people. It is unacceptable. Now they need to be destroyed and these lands returned.
530 After Space Battle 2
After Space Battle 2 Download Free!

After Space Battle 2

The space battle ended in our defeat. The remains of the great fleet now lie on an unknown planet. Of the survivors, only you. And it seems like not for long. Crowds of the dead want your blood.
531 Zombieland 3
Zombieland 3 Download Free!

Zombieland 3

You have succeeded in fighting zombies. You and a few proven fighters are sent to a new city. Your goal is to clean the city from zombies so that people could return there. Upon arrival, you discover that there are a lot more zombies in the city than you thought. You have to spend a lot of time and effort to clean it. Kill all the zombies and free the city.
532 City Of Horror
City Of Horror Download Free!

City Of Horror

Near the small town, strange portals were noticed. Scientists were sent to the portals for research. But the connection with the scientists broke and you are sent to find out what happened to them. Upon arrival in the city, you discover that several more portals have opened in the city and from there crowds of unknown monsters surged. To save the inhabitants, you decide to destroy all monsters and close all portals. Weapons are scattered around the city that will help you in the fight against monsters.
533 Trapping
Trapping Download Free!


The company "NV M.S.52" hires an experienced monster hunter. The reward is too big to refuse. The goal is to capture dangerous samples that have escaped from the laboratory. The hunter also understands that big money is a big risk. Terrible mutants prowl in search of prey, trying to quench their thirst for blood. They've spent too much time in captivity, and now they're going to take out all their rage on anyone who gets in their way.
534 Terrible Night
Terrible Night Download Free!

Terrible Night

In the closed quarter of the destroyed city, zombies settled. These are terrible and bloodthirsty monsters. A long time ago, at one of the laboratories for the study of viruses, an explosion occurred. Viruses began to infect humans, and they became zombies. Now the virus has become not dangerous and you need to return the city alive.
535 Last Day
Last Day Download Free!

Last Day

An unknown virus hit the earth and began to turn people into monsters. Those who did not turn up were faced with the problem of survival in this world. Most of the benefits of civilization are destroyed and people are forced to fight for their lives every day. You find yourself in a small town, hoping to find groceries. To get to the right place you need to clear the path from monsters. Kill all the monsters to survive.
536 Night Asylum
Night Asylum Download Free!

Night Asylum

You woke up in a psychiatric hospital. There was not a single living soul around. You wandered through the endless corridors of the hospital for half a day, until you came across strange mutilated creatures. Maybe it's just a dream. But I felt the monsters breath behind you, you quickly came to your senses and decided that you need to run. You managed to get a weapon and now you have something to protect yourself. Fight off these monsters and get out of this mental hospital.
537 Evil In Sewers 2
Evil In Sewers 2 Download Free!

Evil In Sewers 2

Hazardous chemicals from the underground laboratory got into the sewers, military units were sent to the scene, but for some reason they soon lost contact with them. You were sent to find out what happened there, but as soon as you went down the drain, the way up was closed, now you have to survive among the mutated and distraught, hold out as long as possible!
538 Terrible Hospital 3
Terrible Hospital 3 Download Free!

Terrible Hospital 3

From the hospital carried death. Dead bodies and human remains were scattered everywhere. Taking a stronger weapon, you decided to check what happened here. Suddenly, one of the dead rose and rushed at you. You were shot from surprise. The zombie has fallen. But now the other dead began to rise to the sound of the shot.
539 Zombies Vs Warrior
Zombies Vs Warrior Download Free!

Zombies Vs Warrior

In search of treasure, you descended into an ancient crypt. But it turned out that some of the buried people turned into zombies. You were ready for any situation. You have a lot of different weapons with you, including magic. Fight off the crowd of zombies and take all the treasures for yourself. For killing you get points that you can spend on new weapons and healing potions.
540 Decrepit Dungeon
Decrepit Dungeon Download Free!

Decrepit Dungeon

On the instructions of the local administration, you went down to the ancient dungeons under the city. recently, residents of the city are killed by strange creatures. Information has come that these monsters come from the ancient ruins under the city. You, as an experienced hunter, were sent there. Upon arrival, you discover that the dungeon is populated by monsters. To get rid of them once and for all, you need to destroy their nest.
541 Iron Bunker
Iron Bunker Download Free!

Iron Bunker

A metallic knock was heard from above. You quickly jumped out of bed and grabbed a weapon lying nearby. For many years, a handful of people live in this iron trap. After the big bang, it was the only chance to survive. Not everyone was so lucky. Many have become mutants. But now, it seems the mutants have found you.
542 Danger In City Ruins
Danger In City Ruins Download Free!

Danger In City Ruins

After a short chase, I lost control, and my car flew into a cliff. I have not suffered. Quickly getting out of the car, I saw that in a trap. The old city, which appeared under the rocks after a large earthquake, looked ominous. The mercenaries chasing me quickly descended from the buildings surrounding me. Quickly collecting all the weapons from the car, I ran to look for a way out of the trap.
543 Corridors In The Dark
Corridors In The Dark Download Free!

Corridors In The Dark

Corridors In The Dark is a shooter game with elements of horror. You were sent to check what is happening in the abandoned hospital, but when you go down to the basement, you understand that now your goal is to survive, because experiments were carried out in the abandoned room, and the monsters who worked on it are still alive!
544 Terrible Hospital 2
Terrible Hospital 2 Download Free!

Terrible Hospital 2

The message that a group of seekers have disappeared in an abandoned hospital, you read from the newspaper. Taking the weapon, you went in search of the missing people. This hospital was well known to you, many years ago you worked there as a security guard. As soon as they entered the collapsed building of the hospital, they immediately realized that they were conducting experiments on people. Now the subjects escaped to freedom.
545 Terrible Hospital
Terrible Hospital Download Free!

Terrible Hospital

Of course, you did not believe the voice telling about monsters in the hospital. But service is service and it was worth checking everything. Taking a weapon with you, you went to the hospital. What was your surprise when the first monster rushed at you. We can say that the weapon itself fired. Now, taking the weapon stronger in your hands, you rushed to clear the hospital of monsters.
546 Dangerous Ground 2
Dangerous Ground 2 Download Free!

Dangerous Ground 2

The conflict on Earth ended badly for both people and the Earth itself. Many hazardous substances were thrown into the air, land and water. People, and with them all living things, are almost destroyed. Cities have turned into ancient ruins. A small handful of surviving people kill each other for the last medicinal plants hidden among the stones. Shoot at all. There are no more friends here.
547 Scavenging Creatures
Scavenging Creatures Download Free!

Scavenging Creatures

At the abandoned facility D26, all employees disappeared when radioactive waste was transported there. You go to find out what happened there. There is a weapon at the facility, so that you can do the job! Good luck fighter!
548 Frozen Castle
Frozen Castle Download Free!

Frozen Castle

After a failed experiment, your group has moved to another dimension. Looking around you saw mountains of corpses and a dilapidated castle. The weather also turned out to be severe. At night, crowds of demons and monsters climbed out of the catacombs. Its good that you had a weapon with you. If you do not let the monsters close, then it is easy to deal with them. But every minute they become more and more. You need to hold out until the morning and survive in this ice castle.
549 Space Marine 2
Space Marine 2 Download Free!

Space Marine 2

You are again sent to battle. One of the human stations was attacked by aliens. You and your squad go to help the defenders. It is necessary to repel the attack and free the station. Use the power of modern weapons to fight aliens. This base is very important for defeating the enemy therefore it needs to be kept at all costs.
550 Dead Base
Dead Base Download Free!

Dead Base

One of the military bases fell under meteor shower. Green stones fell from the sky and the connection to the base disappeared. Find out what happened sent you. Taking a weapon with you, you went to the base. Arriving at the base, they saw that everyone who was there during the meteor shower got infected and became monsters. They cannot be considered alive. Kill everyone.

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