1200 Sinister Walking
Sinister Walking Download Free!

Sinister Walking

After laboratory exploded, a virus spread through the air. It acted on people in different ways, either death, or being turned into the terrible and bloodthirsty sinister undead. There was also a third group, the immune, the survivors. The walking dead immediately began to hunt for the living. You are an elite commando. Show the undead who is the hunter.
1201 Spec Force
Spec Force Download Free!

Spec Force

SpecForce is a first-person shooter where you fight with an unknown terrorist organization. Perform tasks to get money. With the money you earn, buy new weapons and advance levels. Download this game and take on the role of an elite special forces fighter. Take up arms and destroy the terrorists. Good luck fighter!
1202 Battle With Robots 3
Battle With Robots 3 Download Free!

Battle With Robots 3

Robots regrouped and attacked again. Their latest attack made your unit even stronger and a fiercer defender. The promised help did not arrive though. The command promises reinforcements in a couple of hours. But can you hold out even for one hour?
1203 Zombies In The Night Town
Zombies In The Night Town Download Free!

Zombies In The Night Town

In the night he heard footsteps which are unlike the steps of people or animals. And sounds. Smacking sounds. They were zombies. Without thinking, you grabbed a gun and started shooting. Kill zombies, earn coins and buy better weapons.
1204 Zombie In Night 2
Zombie In Night 2 Download Free!

Zombie In Night 2

The night is almost over, and the zombies are getting angrier and meaner by the second. More and more zombies, after eating fresh meat, have become stronger and faster. Time to move! Find new weapons and ammunition. Zombies do not know or care. Now you are the hunter.
1205 Cult Of Zombies 4
Cult Of Zombies 4 Download Free!

Cult Of Zombies 4

John constantly stumbles on abnormal things and phenomena. After he got out of the zombie maze, he moved to live in the nearest city. This city was somehow strange... But here was quite peacefully. Finally John married, had a son and lived a normal life. At least for a while... While John's son named Jimmy was playing on the Playground, the city suddenly appeared zombie Nazis. "I must protect my son!!!"thought John. Help him in this matter, take a shotgun and remember the good old days.
1206 Zombies In Forest 2
Zombies In Forest 2 Download Free!

Zombies In Forest 2

Having cleared the village of zombies, you decided to go explore the forest. But it turns out the forest is also teeming with zombies! The zombie hunt was much easier than expected because in the forest, zombies are not very fast. There was little food and the zombies hibernated. Now just shoot and kill them.
1207 Base Dune
Base Dune Download Free!

Base Dune

At one of the secret bases, an experiment was conducted on a new "Dune" vaccine; as a result of unsuccessful experiments, all the subjects died, and only you survived. In the game Base Dune to destroy all the guards, and get out of this huge maze. Look for the corners in the corners, pick up packages that will restore your strength. Ready? Then go ahead. Before the release will get only the best.
1208 Africa 2
Africa 2 Download Free!

Africa 2

Central African Republic is located in the heart of Africa, and it is one of the most sparsely populated and poorest countries in the world. The protagonist, nicknamed Jackal, is a US arms dealer who has committed many crimes ranging from piracy to violating the UN arms embargo. But the punishment for the sins of the hero is due as Jackal is sick with malaria, and after being contained and on his way back to the US, the aircraft was shot down. Now he must try to survive in this hell.
1209 Horrible Night Monsters
Horrible Night Monsters Download Free!

Horrible Night Monsters

A blood red mist descended on the village. Horrible screams rang out and monsters appeared from the fog. You have no choice but to run into the house for the gun. Collect weapons and ammunition in the village. Fight crowds of monsters and protect the village.
1210 Elite Sniper 3
Elite Sniper 3 Download Free!

Elite Sniper 3

Elite Sniper 3 is the latest edition of the Elite Sniper game series. Now you must fight with unknown soldiers who captured the city despite being cut off from your troops. The enemy has a numerical advantage, so you must be careful to survive. Grab your sniper rifle and destroy the enemies. Good luck fighter!
1211 Arena In Ruined City 4
Arena In Ruined City 4 Download Free!

Arena In Ruined City 4

We're out of supplies again. Once again you'll need to go to a completely destroyed city and explore dangerous places. While rolling into the city, you see robots. These fighting robots simply clean the area by exterminating the living. But without supplies it is impossible to go back. Now you have to fight for supplies not only with stalkers, but also the combat robots.
1212 Capture Of Mercenaries Base 2
Capture Of Mercenaries Base 2 Download Free!

Capture Of Mercenaries Base 2

Once again the base of the mercenaries was located in the mountains. The task is the same. You must clear the base of mercenaries and do it quietly. By now, the base has gained strength, and the mercenaries are more prepared. Try to prove your ability to kill and destroy mercenaries.
1213 Zombie In Night
Zombie In Night Download Free!

Zombie In Night

There were terrible cries of people at night, then weird sounds. You immediately grabbed your gun as the scary sounds were getting closer and closer. The first zombie peeped out of the gloom. Out of shock, you shot without aiming and luckily hit the head. The head exploded and the zombie died before falling. What to do? Stay put or start hunting for zombies?
1214 Gloomy Magic Forest
Gloomy Magic Forest Download Free!

Gloomy Magic Forest

Gloomy Magic Forest is an action game with RPG elements. The main character on the hunt got lost in the forest and finds himself in the Misty Forest. The forest is full of enemies, but the hero is an experienced hunter, so hes not just going to give up! He has a faithful bow arrow and if the arrows suddenly run out an axe as backup. Find the way back to the city through the Misty Forest. A lot of enemies and dynamic gameplay will keep you entertained for hours!
1215 Desert Of Death
Desert Of Death Download Free!

Desert Of Death

Your plane crashed in the middle of the desert and you awoke to find yourself surrounded by crowds of zombies. Try to survive in this place while you wait for help. Collect weapons scattered on each level. That's all you'll need to survive until the arrival of the evacuation team.
1216 Occupied City
Occupied City Download Free!

Occupied City

The city was captured by enemy troops. You need to obtain intelligence to help free the city from invaders. This will also help you gather a large number of weapons. Explore the city and fight off the enemy soldiers. Free the city!
1217 Horror In Ruined City 3
Horror In Ruined City 3 Download Free!

Horror In Ruined City 3

Zombies appeared in one of the destroyed cities, and special forces, including you, were immediately summoned there. But there are many zombies and only you survived. Collect weapons and ammunition that were abandoned in the city. Destroy the zombies and wait for reinforcements.
1218 Cult Of Zombies 3
Cult Of Zombies 3 Download Free!

Cult Of Zombies 3

We're now onto the third part of The Adventures of John. At the end of part two, John was infected by zombies. He lost consciousness and later woke up in some kind of maze with a bunch of traps with the walking dead. Well at least he had that bazooka with him! Help John find the antidote to the zombie virus before it is too late. But remember that the bazooka weighs a lot and thus makes movement difficult, and this makes it difficult to escape!
1219 Horror In Ruined City 2
Horror In Ruined City 2 Download Free!

Horror In Ruined City 2

You stayed until the evening in search of supplies. Fog has already descended on the city. There was a noise in the fog. You already knew what it is, a zombie of course. Luckily during the day you picked up a lot of weapons. It's time to put these weapons into battle and stay alive.
1220 Arena In Ruined City 3
Arena In Ruined City 3 Download Free!

Arena In Ruined City 3

Again, after rising to the surface of the ruined city, you saw a lot of mercenaries. Finding supplies has become harder and harder as more and more mercenaries began to rise to the surface. There were a lot of conflicts over these supplies. Many of the mercenaries are not against robbing. And neither are you...
1221 Antarctica 3
Antarctica 3 Download Free!

Antarctica 3

The year is 1989. In laboratory X, we performed experiments on people. As a result, the first cyborgs appeared. After the onslaught of public opinion, the experiments stopped. Cyborgs are ruthless and ready to do anything to destroy you. Destroy the monsters, all hope lies with you!
1222 Cult Of Zombies 2D
Cult Of Zombies 2D Download Free!

Cult Of Zombies 2D

Check out this 2D variation of the shooter, "Cult Of Zombies." You are once again playing as a man named John. He needs to get out of this strange place thats teeming with zombies. Help John by shooting all the zombies in his path. The cult of zombies must be destroyed!
1223 Horror In Ruined City
Horror In Ruined City Download Free!

Horror In Ruined City

With the appearance of zombies, a new type of entertainment appeared. Hunt for zombies in a ruined and teeming zombie city, in the fenced-in areas where you can shoot them for a fee. As they say, arranging a zombie safari raises adrenaline. But suddenly this is no longer a game.
1224 Rise Of The Mutants
Rise Of The Mutants Download Free!

Rise Of The Mutants

The virus began to infect all living things in the city. People were urgently evacuated. All those who did not have time to withdraw were doomed to infection. You were so not lucky, and were among those who remained trapped in this city. To survive you need to hold out as long as possible. Destroy the monsters and look for more powerful weapons. Good luck!
1225 Alien Invasion
Alien Invasion Download Free!

Alien Invasion

In the year 2026, aliens have destroyed most of the world's population. Cities are empty, and the roads are strewn with destroyed vehicles. You are one of the few survivors. Aliens are ruthless and ready to do anything to destroy you. Take up arms and destroy the monsters, as all hope is on you. Good luck!
1226 Ruined Mansion
Ruined Mansion Download Free!

Ruined Mansion

After an unsuccessful hunt, you lost your way in the forest and came across an abandoned house. You decided to rest there, but you woke up in the middle of the night to a strange noise. Someone else entered the abandoned building. You have a weapon and will investigate who is there. Suddenly a zombie jumps out of the darkness. It was definitely a red-eyed zombie. You shoot and kill it, but soon notice more shadows in the building, and they're what you fear most. It's time to shoot and kill all of the zombies!
1227 Arena In Ruined City 2
Arena In Ruined City 2 Download Free!

Arena In Ruined City 2

After living underground for several days you ran out of supplies, and you must go get them. They can only be exchanged for cartridges. Again, you need to rise to the surface in the ruined city and pick up nasty stuff. Do not forget, the city is teeming with mercenaries. Kill the mercenaries, collect ammunition and stay alive.
1228 City Wasteland 3
City Wasteland 3 Download Free!

City Wasteland 3

Fog descended on the city and with it, horrible sounds. Soon high shadows appeared as the Zombies began to surround you. Time to grab your gun and start shooting! Immediately you remembered that the city has old weapons scattered about. You need to quickly find them and kill the zombies.
1229 Priest
Priest Download Free!


Priest is a first person shooter. The village where the sacrifice ceremony was held was full of various monsters who want to destroy you. You are a miraculously surviving knight, and need to deflect the waves of zombies attacking you. Download this game and take on the role of a brave knight. Take up arms and destroy the freaks. Good luck!
1230 Dont Go To Bed 3
Dont Go To Bed 3 Download Free!

Dont Go To Bed 3

This continuation of the game of survival "Do not go to bed" take place a later. After part 1, Klaus once again found himself in a captivity of darkness. This time, the flames of hell broke out in some museum and the terrifying voices of the dead shout out again. Will our hero die tonight?
1231 Zombie Farsh 4
Zombie Farsh 4 Download Free!

Zombie Farsh 4

Are you getting tired of the usual shooters? In the game Zombie Farsh 4, you will not get bored! Discover the dangerous world of the post-apocalypse with crowds of zombies and cool cars. Millions of bloodthirsty nonhumans once again flooded the whole continent, and now only the most persistent dare to resist the countless armies of evil under the harsh conditions of the zombie apocalypse. Become a hero of the new world and show what you are capable of! Cool cars and zombies...what else do you need? Do not miss out on this massive bloodbath. Good luck!
1232 Arena In Ruined City
Arena In Ruined City Download Free!

Arena In Ruined City

Cities are destroyed and resources are limited. There is no worse off beast than man. The fighting rages on for every last cartridge. Without weapons in this world one cannot survive. Collect as much ammo as possible and kill everyone in your path.
1233 Cult Of Zombies 2
Cult Of Zombies 2 Download Free!

Cult Of Zombies 2

It has been 15 years since, one might say, the fateful day. John was quietly dozing in his lonely hut in the forest, but suddenly he heard some strange sounds that seemed quite familiar to him. Out on the street, his saw his suspicions were confirmed... This game is a continuation of the cult shooter, "Cult Of Zombies!" Kill all of the zombies that will face you along the way to the base of Jack's dangerous group. It's time to put an end to these cultists once and for all!!!
1234 Deadmens In Catacombs
Deadmens In Catacombs Download Free!

Deadmens In Catacombs

Deadmens In Catacombs is a horror game where you can fight back monsters! Find more powerful weapons as well as first-aid kits, and fight or hide from monsters in order to leave this terrible place as quickly as possible. Tense atmosphere and dynamic gameplay will keep you on the edge of your seat!
1235 Ultimate Hell 2
Ultimate Hell 2 Download Free!

Ultimate Hell 2

In this continuation of Ultimate Hell, you play as the soul of a soldier who went to hell. You have committed many sins in your life, so the devil took your soul. But the fighter remains a fighter. Resist the evil and do not let yourself be (further) destroyed. Enter your final battle and prove your strength!
1236 Old Port Zombies 2
Old Port Zombies 2 Download Free!

Old Port Zombies 2

Zombies appeared in the old port again, and where they come from nobody knows. They possibly emerged from the cellars of the castle. You, with a group of special forces, must again clear the port of the walking dead. This time the zombies are bigger and stronger so careful!
1237 City Wasteland 2
City Wasteland 2 Download Free!

City Wasteland 2

In the ruined city there were still a lot of weapons scattered about, and you need to gather them. But what if there are many infected people in the city, the people who have already become zombies? Destroy the zombies and collect as much weapons and ammunition as possible. With them it will be easier to survive in this world.
1238 Dont Go To Bed 2
Dont Go To Bed 2 Download Free!

Dont Go To Bed 2

This continuation of the game of survival "Do not go to bed" take place a later. After part 1, Klaus once again found himself in a captivity of darkness. This time, the flames of hell broke out in some museum and the terrifying voices of the dead shout out again. Will our hero die tonight?
1239 Parazites In Old Village 2
Parazites In Old Village 2 Download Free!

Parazites In Old Village 2

After destroying all the monsters, you decide to rest. Having woken up later in the evening you saw a fast moving shadow between old houses. Have the monsters returned? There was a fog so it's hard to tell. Grab your weapons and investigate.
1240 City Wasteland
City Wasteland Download Free!

City Wasteland

After big cataclysms on Earth, cities were destroyed. People went to live in the catacombs, or well-protected villages. The cities were occupied by mutated people. You are a researcher of these abandoned cities. Weapons and ammunition are highly valued now, so you have to go to the abandoned cities for ammunition. Kill monsters and collect weapons.
1241 Dark Dungeon Prison Arena
Dark Dungeon Prison Arena Download Free!

Dark Dungeon Prison Arena

Dark Dungeon Prison Arena tests your survival in the cruel world of dark fantasy, where prisoners fight for freedom in the arena in dark dungeons. Dozens of types of enemies and deadly bosses will never relent. Face the harsh test of the Arena and gain your freedom!
1242 Retro Hell 3
Retro Hell 3 Download Free!

Retro Hell 3

Retro Hell 3 is a continuation of the game series. The plot ... who cares!? A huge map and stylized retro graphics will keep you engaged. Burst your enemies with your great arsenal. Into the battle, soldier!
1243 Space Base Zombie
Space Base Zombie Download Free!

Space Base Zombie

Alien dust has engulfed the tourist space base and all of the employees are turning into zombies. You were lucky that it didn't happen to you, yet. But what to do? There are no new weapons, as robots have long been in charge of everything. However a reliable one is at the museum. It is an old weapon. Will it still fire? Time to find out!
1244 WW 2 Defender 2
WW 2 Defender 2 Download Free!

WW 2 Defender 2

German troops are attacking your squad, and task is to repel their attack. The enemy has a numerical advantage, so you must be careful to survive. Destroy the enemies and repel the attack. Good luck fighter!
1245 Parasites In Ruined City 2
Parasites In Ruined City 2 Download Free!

Parasites In Ruined City 2

In the neighborhoods of destroyed cities, new monsters have appeared. You, a specialist in killing monsters, set out to hunt them yet again. This time more monsters got out of their holes. Collect ammo in the city. You need to try better to stay alive.
1246 Monsters In Town
Monsters In Town Download Free!

Monsters In Town

After your car breaks down, you had to go on foot in search of help. You found a small town, but it wasn't exactly what you were hoping for to put it mildly. The place was inhabited by terrible creatures! Now you need to survive and try to escape. Find new weapons that are scattered around the map and fight your way out.
1247 Monsters Alien Land 3
Monsters Alien Land 3 Download Free!

Monsters Alien Land 3

Skins and teeth of monsters have long been sold off and the money quickly ran out. Once again you have to go hunting for monsters. Kill monsters, earn money, and buy better weapons. Don't let the hunter become the prey.
1248 Parasites In Ruined City
Parasites In Ruined City Download Free!

Parasites In Ruined City

After a nuclear explosion, the city was destroyed, though a small fraction of the citizens managed to hide underground. On the surface, all living things began to mutate and turned into horrible monsters. But the radiation is now reduced, and people began to rise to the surface. First, let the brave souls fight with their weapons to clear cities of monsters. You are one of the fighters. Slay monsters and give people hope for life under the sun.
1249 Farmer 3
Farmer 3 Download Free!

Farmer 3

You are a young farmer who has decided to devote his life to the family farm. The farm is located in a forest where secret experiments are conducted on the consciousness of people. One night you awoke to strange sounds. It turned out to be zombies who want to destroy you. Grab your sword and fight back against the evil spirits!
1250 Apocalyptic Road Survivors
Apocalyptic Road Survivors Download Free!

Apocalyptic Road Survivors

Apocalyptic Road Survivors is a test of reaction time and speed. The harsh world of the post-apocalypse does not forgive mistakes, keep moving in this mad race and you just might survive! Dodge obstacles at high speeds and hold out as long as possible. You can control the machine using the keyboard or mouse.

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