1 Asstro Pain
Asstro Pain Download Free!

Asstro Pain

A small game about asteroids and lasers. You are full of asteroids around you, and all you have is a weak laser cannon that can barely pierce through small space debris. You have big problems with movement, since even the simplest maneuvering module is missing on your spacesuit and the only way to dodge danger is the same laser cannon! Complete chaos! Management: Space - Shooting (That's all!).
2 Cheesy Run
Cheesy Run Download Free!

Cheesy Run

Cheesy Run is a fun and exciting running game. In this game you're a mouse whose in the run after stealing cheese from the cat. Jump over the cactus and mouse traps. If you ever get caught by it, you'll have to choose your faith. You'll choose from three chests and only one of it has a bonus points so choose wisely. Play the game now and see how far can you go!
3 Dice Tourney
Dice Tourney Download Free!

Dice Tourney

Welcome to Dice Tourney. Take part in the legendary dice tournament and become a great champion! Fight monsters in dungeons, level up your character and collect the best equipment to help you win! History! Play an exciting campaign looking for a dice tournament! Fight to the end together with your faithful assistant, a cute dragon! You have to go through many chapters with a variety of monsters and locations. Collect powerful equipment and overcome all the obstacles on your way! Trials! There are many challenges to overcome in ever-changing dungeons! Collect the ultimate gear collection and fight the great dice tournament champions! 5 stages with dozens of enemies and different rules of the game are waiting for you! Dice tournament! The dice tournament is the final stage of the game. You have to fight with all the participants of the tournament in turn. You have only a wooden sword and a health potion at your disposal! Go from start to finish and prove to everyone that you are a great champion!
4 Dungeon Arena
Dungeon Arena Download Free!

Dungeon Arena

Dungeon Arena is a retro style arena combat RPG. Choose your class and embark on an unforgettable adventure! Various locations, weapons and enemies will not let you get bored! Take the risk to descend into the dungeon to clear the undead and bandits, or go to the hot desert teeming with enemies. Decide on your class, whether that ancient sorcerer or a proud knight armed with a sword and shield. And start preparing for battle!
5 Lost In Space
Lost In Space Download Free!

Lost In Space

Lost in Space is an open space survival adventure game. You received a distress signal from a spacecraft and your task is to find out what is happening there. Explore a galaxy full of adventures and save space traders from certain doom.
6 Prank
Prank Download Free!


Prank! is an adventure game with horror and detective elements. The story of friends who loved to play each other, but once it played a fatal mistake with them. You are about to go on vacation to a quiet tourist camp. Anything can happen in it, but whether you can get out of there alive and save your friends is up to you.
7 Tanks Opposition 3
Tanks Opposition 3 Download Free!

Tanks Opposition 3

Tanks Opposition is tank battles on large, completely destructible maps. You can fight alone against a whole battalion of tanks. The enemy is strong and has a variety of technologies. Destroy the vehicle and upgrade your tank to cope with the most powerful machines. Show what you are worth, collect all the stars on the battlefields.
8 Russian Drunken Boxers 2
Russian Drunken Boxers 2 Download Free!

Russian Drunken Boxers 2

Don't mess with the Russians! These guys can kick anyone's ass! However, when there is no one in the vicinity, they begin to sort things out among themselves! Every Russian is a good boxer - especially when he drinks cold vodka! But it is a pity to throw away unfinished vodka, so it will be used during a fight! Control a drunken boxer and fight drunken artificial intelligence! And if you have a good friend, take him with you at the keyboard and demonstrate your drunken combat skills!
9 Fish Master
Fish Master Download Free!

Fish Master

FishMaster - A game in which you can fish. If you want adventure and have fun, you have come to the right place because FishMaster is an amazing game, you need to catch more fish to become a master angler! It's a fun game! Enjoy this game!
10 Galactic Gladiators
Galactic Gladiators Download Free!

Galactic Gladiators

Warriors from all over the galaxy came to these gladiatorial fights, including ... mushroom? a stone? it seems that the great wars are too busy for our battles of epic proportions. Well, you'll have to have fun as it turns out, buy gladiators( whoever they are) and send them into battle, then buy others and so reach the bosses that already represent at least something.
11 Stacks
Stacks Download Free!


The game is very simple and you may have already seen it somewhere. How to play: You press the screen and the plates are placed. Objective: Collect the tower as high as possible.
12 Top Down Fire
Top Down Fire Download Free!

Top Down Fire

Hello, collect wood so the fire won't go out! E - cut down a tree, Q - put firewood into the fire (legs should be on fire).
13 Wild Rat
Wild Rat Download Free!

Wild Rat

The story of a small but very strong housewife, who, armed with everything that came to hand, begins her fierce struggle against the forces of evil in the face of a terrible rat. She pursues her everywhere and even in her own nightmares, where dangerous and sharp saws circle around, along with a terrible rat. Wild Rat - A rhythmic game with a good test of your reaction and speed, dodging flying saws circling the walls and one hated rat, the player must fight off the rat so many times and put a mousetrap that will catch the evil rat.
14 CubR
CubR Download Free!


You control a cube that goes forward without stopping, dodging obstacles. The point of the game is to reach the finish line and go to the next level. The game consists of 4 levels. Work on the game is still underway.
15 Top Gun
Top Gun Download Free!

Top Gun

Top-down space shooter. Complexity increasing with levels. Singleplayer. With music track. Arrow controls(ADSW). It is possible to tune the sensitivity. Shooting by mouse button. The goal is to aim and destroy as many enemy ships as possible by rockets and the red laser. Game over when life count is zero. Enemies speed up as the level increases.
16 Not Angry Birds
Not Angry Birds Download Free!

Not Angry Birds

The gameplay of the game is as follows: the player must launch birds at monsters. The level will be completed if the player destroys all the monsters. The monster dies from a direct hit by a bird or from a block hit on its head. The number of attempts is unlimited. Most often, monsters use block structures as cover. Some blocks cannot be interacted with. At the moment there are only 5 levels in the game.
17 Alone Ghost
Alone Ghost Download Free!

Alone Ghost

The plot of AloneGhost tells the story of a little ghost who decided to escape from hundreds of years of habitation in a deep forest cave, but the restless souls and inhabitants of this cave do not agree with you. Your task is to dodge the crowds of angry souls! Can you do it? Are you ready? The little spirit is waiting for you! The game is controlled by the keys: W, D.
18 Tanks Ultimate
Tanks Ultimate Download Free!

Tanks Ultimate

Top down pixel style shooter includes many levels that replace each other, go through them all and enjoy each of them. After that, go to the store and buy a new skin or ability, then try the game again, you will have a completely different experience. All the time you will be accompanied by an epic soundtrack that you will want to listen to again. There are achievements in the game, it will not be easy to open them. In the settings, you can increase the number of enemies on the level and make the game more fun.
19 Street Fight
Street Fight Download Free!

Street Fight

One of the best arcade classics, Street Fight, is now available for mobile! Play for free and discover this revolutionary beat 'em up. You are the king of the fighters. A man, a city on the ropes and a crime lord who rules the streets of rage that you will have to win in a final fight. Welcome to one of the greatest arcade classics. Wield knives, baseball bats or pistols and fight along incredible scenarios infested with thugs to bring order to the city. Trepidante, explosive, brutal and totally addictive. Street Fight is one of the most influential beat' em ups of all time!
20 Box Kill
Box Kill Download Free!

Box Kill

Box Kill is a 2D top-down shooter where you fight against hordes of zombies. Zombies are very fast and strong, one hit is enough for them to kill you. The scene is an old abandoned warehouse. You play as a military man who went on a mission without suspecting who or what will meet him. in the game you must fight zombies and live as much time as possible.
21 Lil Ping Adventure
Lil Ping Adventure Download Free!

Lil Ping Adventure

Little Ping loves to walk and often goes far from home. You need to help him find his way home. Your path will pass through difficult obstacles, dangerous and treacherous ice. Be careful and attentive, check your every step. Simple controls will allow you not to be distracted from passing obstacles and traps that are fraught with the Arctic.
22 Twisted Turtle
Twisted Turtle Download Free!

Twisted Turtle

In this game you have to play as a determined turtle named "Titi". Having put on the Jetpack, Titi must cover a certain distance, periodically replenishing fuel and firing back at various enemies. There are three types of weapons in the game, each of which is suitable for certain situations in the game. A variety of enemies with different mechanics of behavior and the presence of a boss will not let you get bored in the game, it is up to you whether Titi can fly the required distance. Controls: Movement up "W" or "up arrow"; Upward movement "S" or "down arrow"; Shot "CntrlL", "CntrlR" or "Space"; Change weapons "ShiftL", "ShiftR" or "R". Touch input is also supported (enabled in the settings).
23 Jackhammer
Jackhammer Download Free!


Jackhammer is a 2D Side Scroller game. In this game you need to score the most points by breaking brick blocks. Blocks must be broken with the pointed part of a jackhammer, otherwise the player loses. The game is controlled using the buttons: "A" or "left arrow" (move to the left), "D" or "right arrow" (move to the right).
24 Defence Your Organism
Defence Your Organism Download Free!

Defence Your Organism

Always wash your hands and practice good hygiene! It is in this game that you will understand what unwashed hands and hordes of microbes that want to get into your body are, but brave medicinal machines will help you and take your health away from these dirty microbes! Defense Your Organism is a tower defense game where the player fights off enemies in the form of microbes, each of which is unique in its behavior, sets up combat vehicles to fend off them. Choose levels, put protection, improve it and overcome all waves of enemies and cleanse your body.
25 Rocket Fly Infinity
Rocket Fly Infinity Download Free!

Rocket Fly Infinity

In this game you have to control a rocket. You can control the thrust and rotation of the rocket. Avoid obstacles and get a lot of points.
26 Abyss Jumper
Abyss Jumper Download Free!

Abyss Jumper

Abyss Jumper is a simple arcade platformer in which you play as a Marshmallow Miner. Your task is to collect coins and dodge traps using the [A] and [D] buttons or arrows. Remember, the more score you have, the faster the game progresses. If you lose, you will have a "Temporary" record. Earning over 4000 points won't be easy, good luck!
27 Rocket Fly
Rocket Fly Download Free!

Rocket Fly

In this game you have to control a rocket. You can control the thrust and rotation of the rocket. Avoid obstacles and land on the landing platform.
28 Crypto Currency
Crypto Currency Download Free!

Crypto Currency

Cryptocurrency. Create your own Bitcoin is a clicker game in which you have to create your own cryptocurrency. During the game, you will have to improve your cryptocurrency with the money you earn to increase your income.Hackers can rob you at any time! To prevent this from happening, it is worth improving the protection.Also in the game there are competitors that you have to buy out and become even richer! But they also do not stand still and become more expensive. Your goal is to buy out all the competitors! The game has a short training in Russian and English. Good luck!
29 Zombies Attack
Zombies Attack Download Free!

Zombies Attack

ZombieAttack is a 2D adventure game in which the player must shoot zombies to survive in their world. Help the warriors to cope with the zombies in this zombie world. There is only one rule: "Kill, or they will kill you." Kill as many zombies as possible. Help the hero to repel the attack of zombies and prevent their spread. Hurry up to destroy the zombies.
30 Seconds To Death
Seconds To Death Download Free!

Seconds To Death

In the game you have to save lives by playing with the hands of a resuscitator in a hospital. In order to save a person, you will have to try: The left hand is controlled on WASD. Right on ARROWS. In order to make a blow with a defibrillator, you need to simultaneously press RShift and LShift. Only it must be done in special places, otherwise it will not work, and the patient will get worse. The game involves playing in two with only one keyboard, but it can also be played alone. Just save the person before his TIME is up.
31 Spring Stick
Spring Stick Download Free!

Spring Stick

You need to control a stick that can bounce. You need to turn the wand correctly to jump in the right direction. Jump onto the green platform to win. The game has several levels. Good luck!
32 Culibok
Culibok Download Free!


Culibok is a 2D top-down shooter. The main character in this game is a kolobok, the same kolobok from the Russian folk tale of the same name. In this game you have to fight off zombie trees and ghosts. Also in the game there are as many as 2 bosses and 2 locations. This shooter is quite dynamic and complex, you will have to load the save more than once.
33 Anonimous Clicker
Anonimous Clicker Download Free!

Anonimous Clicker

Open the store - LMB, close - RMB. The game is arcade. In the game, you have to click on the mask to earn in-game currency. For them you can buy anon's assistants. In addition to buying them, you can upgrade them for the same currency. Can you collect all the announcements?
34 ASCM Alien Space Mission
ASCM Alien Space Mission Download Free!

ASCM Alien Space Mission

The ASCM game is a shooter with an unlimited number of levels and the possibility of pumping. The game has an exciting level with the killing of the boss, which will make even an avid gamer tense up. The gameplay is accompanied by light graphics and pleasant sounds. The control is standard and will not make you feel uncomfortable.
35 Ex Cube
Ex Cube Download Free!

Ex Cube

ExCube is a high-speed time killer where you need to hold out as long as possible, shooting back from crowds of opponents. How long will you last in the arena? WASD and mouse control. Left mouse button - take a shot.
36 Anonimous Stars
Anonimous Stars Download Free!

Anonimous Stars

This game is based on a new trend of 2021 called AnonimouseEgg. In the game, you have to fight for the Anons against the Snacks, who want to steal all the snacks of the world. At the end of the round, you will receive tokens. For them, you can buy anonymous eggs, in which both snacks, which are the game currency, and new announcements can be caught. Get all the announcements and save the world from the dark snacks!
37 Animals Clicker
Animals Clicker Download Free!

Animals Clicker

Click on the emerald and get money. Buy new tools and click even harder. Buy animals will make money for you. Animals will appear on special platforms and you can look at them. Become the master of animals!
38 Chechen Bird
Chechen Bird Download Free!

Chechen Bird

ChechenBird - A game in which you need to jump at the right moment in order not to lose and go through obstacles. To many, this game may resemble a long-standing sensational game with the same mechanics, and I tried to recreate this game with some differences, different skins (flags), and completely drawn graphics by me. This game is the very first full-fledged game that I have created since learning to program, I hope you will appreciate it! Thanks to everyone who downloaded, enjoy the game! Control: Left mouse button - jumps.
39 The Bad Snowfall
The Bad Snowfall Download Free!

The Bad Snowfall

While skating, you notice that you forgot your hat at home. Suddenly it began to snow. Well, you will have to run away from him, so that later your mother does not scold you. Use the arrows on your keyboard to dodge the snowflakes!
40 The Owl
The Owl Download Free!

The Owl

The Owl is a game in the style of Flappy Bird but in 3D. Excellent sound design, as well as graphics and addictive gameplay will keep you engaged for a long time. Get to the portal to survive and get to another world. Be careful because there are traps on every path!
41 Sweety Hity
Sweety Hity Download Free!

Sweety Hity

In the colorful project Sweety Hity, you will throw candy canes at the sweets that swirl in the center of the screen. This will have to be done before there is not a single free space on them. Go through interesting and quite beautiful levels. You will constantly have a lot of delicious lollipops, and the speed will become just insane. Train your abilities, improve all abilities, expand your manual dexterity, your reaction, and much more. Go through interesting levels, set incredible records to collect enough stars. Nice graphics, many interesting features, entertaining levels and endless adventure for every player.
42 Stick Hero 3D
Stick Hero 3D Download Free!

Stick Hero 3D

You have nothing to keep yourself busy with? Try Stick Hero 3D game! The bottom line is simple - make your way and cross to the new towers. Don't forget to collect cherries. Compete with your friends for the highest score score or collect more cherries. But do not think that everything is so simple - all towers are different in size and appear always at different distances from the player. Good luck!
43 Knife Demon
Knife Demon Download Free!

Knife Demon

You was sent to the Earth to make first step towards conquering the human world. Your mission will be to make your way to the president and kill him, so the Hell could get more power and transfer more powerfull demons into human world. But it won't be easy. You'll die if someone shoot you just once, and all you can do is throw knives. If you are ready to accept this challange, then download Knife Demon for free right now!
44 God Gift
God Gift Download Free!

God Gift

You are a radish farmer in a tiny garden bed. Nothing is as valuable to you as the totem to which you give the radish. But ugly crows don't like totems. Protect him and defend the totem on a small piece of land! Management: WASD - movement SPACE - blow.
45 Planet Destroing
Planet Destroing Download Free!

Planet Destroing

Planet Destroing is a game in which you play as a traveler from the future. Your task is to save the planet. You will fight against aliens and meteorites. Collect space currency "Yeller" and improve yourself and your planet. "You are our last hope ...".
46 Bebra Siege
Bebra Siege Download Free!

Bebra Siege

Bebra Siege is a cool 2D game in the Shoot'em Up genre. Compete with your friends, beat their records one by one. Use various player abilities for this, such as stopping time and "ult". Defend the wall that protects a peaceful village from the attacks of demonic creatures, holding back the onslaught of hordes of ghost skeletons, defeat enemy bosses and develop coordination and the ability to analyze the situation in the game Bebra Siege! Free, only from Falco Software.
47 Banana Breaker
Banana Breaker Download Free!

Banana Breaker

Enjoy this awesome BananaBreaker game, break the blocks and the heart can scale the ball you can move with your mouse, the graphics are amazing. Enjoy this amazing game and don't lose.
48 Unexpected Guets
Unexpected Guets Download Free!

Unexpected Guets

Be careful! Difficult obstacles await you on the way and any mistake can end the game. After death, the main character's hat changes. You can double jump by pressing the space bar twice. There are saves.
49 Bow Man
Bow Man Download Free!

Bow Man

This game is an arcade. All you have to do is kill the monsters. Try to kill as many monsters as possible to make the highest score possible. Don't forget that by destroying the monsters you earn money with which you can later buy upgrades. good luck and fun.
50 Atari Arcade Game Asteroids
Atari Arcade Game Asteroids Download Free!

Atari Arcade Game Asteroids

Atari Arcade Game Asteroids is an arcade shooting game on a space theme. The player controls one spaceship in the asteroid field, which is periodically crossed by flying saucers. The goal of the game is to shoot and destroy asteroids and plates without colliding with either one or the other, and without falling under the oncoming fire of the plates. The game becomes more difficult as the number of asteroids increases.
51 World The Ball
World The Ball Download Free!

World The Ball

This is a wonderful walker where you will find a lot of obstacles, your task is to bypassing or overcoming these obstacles, you will find a beautiful and fascinating atmosphere of the game because you will end up in the "World of the ball" look for secret levels collect coins and get to the end immerse yourself in an exciting world!