Battle For Survival

Battle for Survival is a fascinating 3D-shooter game with pronounced graphics. You will have to fight off the soldiers, using five types of weapons that you can pick up after eliminating the enemy. You will acquire bonuses points for each enemy that is eliminated. In addition, there will be a mini-boss that appears rarely that you will have to defeat. Ground combat drones can destroy all the key parts. If an enemy is destroyed a bonus will bonce in the area it was killed. Click YES to begin the battle for survival!



Sarah 29:05:2015, 14:03

Hello! I like play video games, especially shooting games. I sure that your game will be awesome. as i can see from this pictures it have pronounced graphics and really nice ideas. It is cool that you offer download it here. i can play it anytime. I get to see more interesting game from you on this site. if you will need a help in writing descriptions - will help you!

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