Embraces Of Proserpine

The planet Proserpine is known as the Bermuda triangle of space on for good reason. Satellites and other spacecraft crash there often, more so then on every other planet. All attempts of colonization or even research stations on the planet were curtailed because of strange incidents with equipment. But you were lucky, after all. You were REALLY lucky when the spaceship on which you traveled crashed on Proserpine you survived. In fact, you were the crews sole survivor. You are super lucky since you have some life-saving gear, including a signaling beacon. The first step is to put it on the peak of a mountain. Now try to survive somehow until help arrives and try not to starve to death, suffocate from lack of oxygen, get poisoned by eating local flora, become food of local fauna or go crazy because of loneliness And, who knowsMaybe you can solve some mysteries of the strange planet?



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