Double Jump

Double Jump is a new exciting pixel arcade. Immerse yourself in the nostalgia with beautiful pixel graphics and an amazing 8-bit soundtrack. Direct your character to avoid a variety of shells. Earn achievements and unlock new characters, new trampolines, locations and shells. Set up the game for yourself. Dodge space asteroids or play in the graveyard with Doctor Plague. Vary the games types, modes and difficulty levels. 12 combinations of the game will keep you entertained. For the hardcore players there are very difficult achievements to earn. The table of records will let you know who is the best jumper.
Welcome to Double Jump!

The game has:
-2 game types
-2 game modes
-3 difficulty levels

40 game elements:
-10 characters
-10 trampolines
-10 shells
-10 locations

-40 achievements
-Online leader board for each game combination.



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